Socialism for the Rich

Voters See ‘Corporate Welfare’ Programs As A Good Place To Cut Government Spending


Socialism for the Rich.  Capitalism for the Rest.

15% of Likely U.S. Voters think the federal government should continue to provide funding for foreign countries to buy military weapons from U.S. companies. Seventy percent (70%) oppose this funding to promote U.S. arms sales. Fifteen percent (15%) are undecided about it.  (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Voters are more closely divided on the topic of farm subsidies. The U.S. government typically provides more than $20 billion a year in crop and farm subsidies, and 37% of voters feel those subsidies should continue. But a plurality (46%) thinks those subsidies should be ended, while 17% more are not sure.

Similarly, the federal government’s Export-Import bank provides billions of dollars in loans and loan guarantees to companies like Boeing and General Electric. The stated purpose is to sustain American jobs by financing U.S. exports.  But just 29% of voters believe the government should continue to provide loans and loan guarantees to help finance export sales for large corporations. Again, a plurality of 46% opposes loans and loan guarantees for this purpose. Twenty-five percent (25%) are undecided.

  – Rasmussen Reports™

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