Anti-Terrorism Spending 50,000 Times More Than on Any Other Cause of Death

The US spends more than $500 million per victim on anti-terrorism efforts.  However, cancer research spending is only $10,000 per victim.  Evolutionary psychology may offer an explanation for this irrational threat amplification. But first a message from NATIONAL REPUBLICAN campaign [...]
GDP by Industry Graph

Financial Sector Costs Us More than Any Other Sector In Economy

The financial sector receives more of the average paycheck than any other sector of the economy.  Its share of the economy totals $2 trillion dollars. In 1985, the financial sector earned less than 16% of domestic corporate profits.  Today, it’s over 40%. In the 1960s, finance and insurance [...]

What Really Causes Terrorism? It’s Not Your Freedom.

FACT 1: 95% of suicide terrorist attacks are targeted at occupying foreign militaries. FACT 2: 0% of suicide terrorist attacks have been directed at countries not militarily involved in geopolitical disputes. Robert Pape at the University of Chicago, with funding from the Department of Defense, has [...]
No Drugs!

NEWS FLASH: US Government Wastes $1.5 Trillion on Devastating Drug War

Dear President Obama, I know you’re very busy, so I’m very sorry to bother you with this. However, I think what I have to say too important for you to ignore.  I appreciate that you are trying to make the world a better place. I respect you as a person. Against all adversity, you have achieved some [...]
A Lizard, a Dog, and Mr. Spock Deciding the World's Fate

Why Think by Numbers?

Numbers cannot lie. A world without disease, starvation, violence, and suffering is the ultimate destination of humanity. Getting there will require voters to base their decisions on statistical cost-benefit analyses instead of irrational emotions. The power of numbers can make utopia a [...]
Graph of Suffering Caused by Various Animal Foods

How Much Direct Suffering Is Caused by Various Animal Foods?

This is a rigorous analysis from the brilliant utilitarian mind of Brian Tomasik originally published at in 2005. I made this graph in 2007 to try to illustrate his point visually. Abstract. Consuming equal weights of different animal products may produce vastly [...]

Iran US Foreign Relations: A History of Violence

Many Americans consider Iran to be a psychopathically violent nation that would be willing to commit suicide in order to kill as many Americans as possible.  The statistics behind historical Iranian US relations do not support this view. Juggalo’s Corner By George “Ghost F**ker” Will    A [...]
Twin Peaks of Debt

US Financial Crisis: Who Killed the Economy?

The cause of the US financial crisis is simple. It’s debt. This is a very simple and graphical evidence-based explanation of what caused the collapse. The massive increase in the level of consumer debt prior to the recent financial crisis bears a striking resemblance to another period in economic [...]

From the Bankers Who Brought You President Obama Comes NEW PRESIDENT™!

2013 Budget Plans New Look! Same Great Waste! Obama’s 2013 budget is $3.80 Trillion. Romney’s will be $3.79 trillion. Budget Changes Specified by Candidate Romney™: Eliminate Obamacare (which is ironically very similar to Romneycare aside from the fact that Romneycare also covered abortions) – [...]
Corporate Welfare Piggy Bank

Government Spends More on Corporate Welfare Subsidies than Social Welfare Programs

About $59 billion is spent on traditional social welfare programs. $92 billion is spent on corporate subsidies. So, the government spent 50% more on corporate welfare than it did on food stamps and housing assistance in 2006.
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