Democracy Gonna Make You Rich, Bitch!

A country that switches from non-democracy to democracy achieves about 20% higher GDP per capita over the next 30 years.


Most Voters Believe Their Own Party Will Win

A 2008 and 2016 poll of voters showed wishful thinking bias led a majority of people to believe their favored candidate was going to win.

Economics Healthcare

How much does it cost to develop a drug?

The average cost of getting a new drug to market is $1.3 billion.

Economics Federal Reserve Government Spending

When the government prints new money, who gets it?

The primary recipients of newly created money are currently banks and corporations who are able to borrow from the Fed almost 0% interest and loan this to the public at much higher interest rates.

Economics Utilitarianism

A World Run By Economists

If only economists could run for office, the the compound interest on more efficient resource allocation, would have produced a utopia with flying cars by now.


Depression Rates Correlate Highly with Changes in Diet and Autoimmune Disease

The increase in depression is most correlated with the increase in inflammatory autoimmune diseases and with significant changes in the western diet.


How to Identify the Bottom of a Stock Market Correction

This chart shows when the cost of the average stock (the S&P 500) exceeds its underlying value (corporate profits after taxes).


Long-Term Trends in Human Well-Being

For millennia, everything sucked. Then something magical happened!

Government Spending

USPS Has Received Over $45 Billion from Taxpayers to Reduce the Cost of Junk Mail, Killing Billions of Trees

100 million trees and $178 billion worth of time could be saved every year by not subsidizing junk mail.


We Have Enough Nuclear Bombs to Kill EVERYONE 2.6 Times

A 10 kiloton nuclear weapon can kill 1.32 million people.  The 15,000 nuclear weapons globally could cause 19,500 megadeaths.