Government Spending

From the Bankers Who Brought You President Obama Comes NEW PRESIDENT™!

Governor Romney™ has been scientifically proven to increase spending faster than the President Obama™! Obama has only increased government spending a disappointing 5.5% annually over his term.

2013 Budget Plans

New Look! Same Great Waste!

Obama’s 2013 budget is $3.80 Trillion. Romney’s will be $3.79 trillion.

Budget Changes Specified by Candidate Romney™:

  1. Eliminate Obamacare (which is ironically very similar to Romneycare aside from the fact that Romneycare also covered abortions) – Estimated Savings = $122 billion annually
  2. Increase Military Spending – Estimated Cost = $45 billion annually
  3. Increase Medicare Spending – Estimated Cost = $71 billion annually
  4. “Deep Reductions” in funding for the National Endowment for the Arts – Estimated Savings = $0.15 billion annually
  5. Eliminate Amtrak Subsidies – Estimated Savings = $1.6 billion annually
  6. Eliminate Title X Family Planning Programs – Estimated Savings = $0.3 billion annually

Add it up.  Romney’s Total Savings = $0.01 trillion less than Obama’s budget! With a national debt on the order of $16.2 trillion, you’ll barely even notice the difference!

Past Spending Records

Are you tired of all that money cluttering up your home?  Try NEW PRESIDENT™!

Governor Romney™ has been scientifically proven to increase spending faster than the President Obama™! Obama has only increased government spending a disappointing 5.5% annually over his term.

Under Governor Romney, Massachusetts state spending went from $22.3 billion to $28.1 billion,  an amazing 6.5% per year! That’s faster than most other leading governors (6.2%)! And if we’ve learned anything from the vast disparity between George W. Bush’s fiscal rhetoric and fiscal record, it’s that Romney’s gubernatorial record might be a better indicator of what we could expect from a Romney federal budget.

Campaign Contributors

The Wall Street bankers that brought you President Obama™ love NEW PRESIDENT™!

The same Wall Street recipients of TARP bailout money that were top Obama donors in 2008 are top Romney donors in 2012. Why?

Just like the Original President, New President

  1. Supported TARP Wall Street bailout program.
  2. Opposes immediately balancing the federal budget.
  3. Has a track record of being a big spender and a big-government advocate while in office.
  4. Opposes a full audit of the Federal Reserve.
  5. Supports taxpayer-funded bailouts of corporations.
  6. Wants to keep personal income tax rates at the exact same levels for the vast majority of Americans.
  7. Will increase defense spending
  8. Believes the President can take the country to war without approval from Congress.