Is it morally optimal to rescue a cat from the pound?

When faced with the decision of rescuing a cat from the pound or allowing it to be euthanized, the ethical considerations can be complex and multifaceted. This article explores the dilemma through the lens of utilitarian calculus, weighing the pleasure and pain generated by each action to determine its moral worth.


War Costs the Average Person $74,259 Over Their Lifetime


There’s about a 0.1% Chance that COVID-19 Coincidentally Arose in Nature near the Wuhan Institute of Virology

Exploring if COVID-19 emerged by chance near Wuhan’s virology lab, this analysis uses a Feynman estimate, showing a 0.1% probability, based on lab distribution and the Earth’s land area. It doesn’t consider population density or natural habitats, while China’s investigational opacity exacerbates speculation regarding a lab origin despite historic leak rarity.

Government Spending

The Solution to Every Problem in the World

Guess what holds the solution to every problem in the world? It’s the human brain! Your brain is dying. After age 20, you lose about a gram of brain mass or 70 million brain cells every year! Multiply that by the 7.7 billion people in the world, and it comes out to 54,000,000,000,000,000 brain cells lost every year. That’s a pretty […]

Health Healthcare Utilitarianism

How many NET lives are saved by efficacy trials?

The NET outcome of lives saved minus lives lost is likely between 11,000 and 115,000 additional deaths each decade due to added delays and costs of the regulatory process.


Only 0.000000002% of Potential Treatments Have Been Studied

What We Don’t Know We’re only 2 lifetimes from the use of the modern scientific method in medicine. Thus, it’s only been applied for 0.0001% of human history. The more clinical research studies we read, the more we realize we don’t know. Nearly every study ends with the phrase “more research is needed”. We know […]

Economics Federal Reserve Financial Sector

How The Federal Reserve Steals from the Poor and Gives to the Rich

Federal Reserve policies are effectively stealing $54k from the typical family every year.

Federal Reserve

Zombie Companies Will Lead to America’s Lost Decade

Much of the massive amount of new money the Fed is printing is going into Zombie Companies. How Zombie Companies Survive Zombie Companies are firms that don’t survive by producing value for their customers. Instead, they survive by parasitically draining resources from the overall economy by borrowing at near 0% interest from the Federal Reserve. […]


How to Protect Yourself Against the Invisible Inflation Burglar

Two Types of Inflation People typically just use the word inflation by itself, but there are actually 2 main types and it’s essential to be specific. The 2 types are: The money supply (monetary inflation) has exploded recently but prices (price inflation) have been relatively stable. Inflation is a Hidden Flat Tax on Everyone Throughout […]


Military-Industrial Complex Funnels Wealth to 4 Counties

The richest 4 US counties per capita are all located in Virginia and Maryland thanks to the massive wealth funnel that is the Military-Industrial Complex.