Free Advanced Interpretation of Your 23andMe Raw Data

Free tools to discover important and useful clinical research about your DNA.

The interpretation of your genetic data that 23andMe provides is somewhat limited. The FDA has placed various restrictions on the company with regard to linking specific genetic variants to recent research. This is unfortunate because many people are suffering and there is a massive amount of new research released each day. By linking your variations to new discoveries regarding potential deficiencies or root causes of chronic diseases, in some cases, individuals can discover solutions to their suffering years earlier than they would have otherwise.

It takes an average of 17 years for doctors to begin applying new research evidence in clinical practice. That means an unnecessary 17 years of unnecessary suffering for each disease. So to accelerate the process, there are several services that will take your raw data from 23andMe and link your variations to new research regarding potential root causes and effective treatments for your condition.

Free Interpretation

1st Place: is the best free genetic health interpretation tool I’ve tried so far.

  • Genotype-disease associations to over 2000 diseases grouped in 15 major topics – aging, cancer and others.
  • Nutritionfitness and other relevant information
  • Search a drug/disease/trait
  • Machine learned relevance model helping you discover what is important, based on each genotype impact.

Genetic Genie

Genetic Genie provides free methylation and detox analysis from 23andMe results.

Enlis Genomics Personal Edition

Enlis Genomics Personal Edition describes the impact that changes in your genome have on genes and the function of those genes. It also links to research articles that describe your data.


Genomelink is not too useful for health purposes. It just tells you what your traits are, which you probably already know given that you’ve met yourself before.

Not So Free Interpretation is a genetic app store that has many paid apps but also several free ones. However, at the time of this writing, many of the promoted free apps are not available

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