$2.3 Trillion Missing from Pentagon

On Sept. 10, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld declared war. Not on foreign terrorists, “the adversary’s closer to home. It’s the Pentagon bureaucracy,” he said.

He said money wasted by the military poses a serious threat.

“In fact, it could be said it’s a matter of life and death,” he said.

Rumsfeld promised change but the next day – Sept. 11– the world changed and in the rush to fund the war on terrorism, the war on waste seems to have been forgotten.

Just last week President Bush announced, “my 2003 budget calls for more than $48 billion in new defense spending.”

More money for the Pentagon, CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales reports, while its own auditors admit the military cannot account for 25 percent of what it spends.

“According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions,” Rumsfeld admitted.

$2.3 trillion — that’s $8,000 for every man, woman and child in America. To understand how the Pentagon can lose track of trillions, consider the case of one military accountant who tried to find out what happened to a mere $300 million.

“We know it’s gone. But we don’t know what they spent it on,” said Jim Minnery, Defense Finance and Accounting Service.




  • jackiemearound

    They spent it on the Pentagon.

    As fast as they can in Afghanistan.

    Got us in hock because of Iraq.

    Spent it gone at the Pentagon.

    And then they pardoned all the liars, thieves, and war criminals because:

    “We must move forward, not look back”.

    I think they are all in this together, and all this political stuff is a dog and pony show to distract us from noticing how rich they got in process, looting We the People of a cool $2.3 trillion.


  • don khan

    What’s new, did we forget the Coalition Provisional Authority, setup in Iraq to steal our money. This beautiful package came with total immunity for our contractors.
    The Bush Administration stole us blind, with Halliburton, KBR, and Black
    Water as the biggest recipients.



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