Healthcare Utilitarianism

How many NET lives does the FDA save?

The NET outcome of lives saved minus lives lost is likely between 11,000 and 115,000 additional deaths each decade due to added delays and costs of the regulatory process.


How Much Direct Suffering Is Caused by Various Animal Foods?

This is a rigorous analysis from the brilliant utilitarian mind of Brian Tomasik originally published at in 2005. I made this graph in 2007 to try to illustrate his point visually. Abstract. Consuming equal weights of different animal products may produce vastly different expected amounts of direct suffering. Farmed seafood may cause the most, followed by poultry products. […]

Empiricism Tools Utilitarianism

Felicific Calculus

The felicific calculus is an algorithm for calculating the degree or amount of pleasure that a specific action is likely to cause.  The algorithm is also known as the utility calculus, the hedonistic calculus and the hedonic calculus. Variables, or vectors, of the pleasures and pains included in this calculation, which Bentham called “elements” or “dimensions“, were: Intensity: How strong is the pleasure? Duration: How long […]