War Costs the Average Person $74,259 Over Their Lifetime

Federal Reserve

Zombie Companies Will Lead to America’s Lost Decade

Much of the massive amount of new money the Fed is printing is going into Zombie Companies. How Zombie Companies Survive Zombie Companies are firms that don’t survive by producing value for their customers. Instead, they survive by parasitically draining resources from the overall economy by borrowing at near 0% interest from the Federal Reserve. […]

Economics Utilitarianism

A World Run By Economists

If only economists could run for office, the the compound interest on more efficient resource allocation, would have produced a utopia with flying cars by now.


How to Identify the Bottom of a Stock Market Correction

This chart shows when the cost of the average stock (the S&P 500) exceeds its underlying value (corporate profits after taxes).

Empiricism Utilitarianism

How To Calculate Morality Using The Utilitarian Calculator

Calculate the utilitarian ethical value of an action with the Felicific Calculus, developed by the philosopher Jeremy Bentham.

Economics GDP Government Spending

Get Society Rich Quick: The Ideal Level of Government Spending

It is commonly claimed that government spending is good for the economy, but the statistics show the opposite.  Most recent studies find a negative correlation between total government size and economic growth. Why is economic growth important?  Because wealthier societies are generally happier societies. No matter how good things get for us, we always want more. Human beings want […]

Government Spending Podcast

GOP Presidential Candidates’ Budget Plans EXPOSED!!!

GOP Candidate Ron Paul has produced a detailed budget containing over $1 trillion in first-year reductions. Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich have only indicated that they would attempt to repeal Obamacare saving an average of $20 billion a year.


Unrepresentative Democracy – Government by the Millionaires and for the Millionaires

In a truly representative democracy, the more public support there is for a policy, the more likely it would be to become law. However, public support has almost no influence on what laws are passed. Whether there is 0% or 100% support for a policy, there’s a 30% likelihood that it will become law. Our representative government is not […]

Debt Economics Federal Reserve Financial Sector

Housing Bubble Wastes $2 Trillion on 14 Million Empty Houses

Empty houses in the US = 14 million. Median Home Price = $160,000. Money Wasted on Building Unneeded Homes = $2 trillion. Why would Americans be so dumb as to build 14 million houses they didn’t need?  The two primary reasons we built too many houses are: The United States spends more than $100 billion annually to subsidize homeownership.  The mortgage […]

Corporate Welfare

Voters See ‘Corporate Welfare’ Programs As A Good Place To Cut Government Spending

15% of likely U.S. voters think the federal government should continue to provide funding for foreign countries to buy military weapons from U.S. companies. Seventy percent (70%) oppose this funding to promote U.S. arms sales.